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Don't know what to do?

Hey there I've been feeling light headed and my head feels heavy, I went to the ...

Queezibics are amazing!

Hi morning I have suffered from migraine for the last 25 years..trying many dif...

Cupping Therapy

I am not sure if anyone else has tried this therapy but I have found great relie...
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Anyone find relief from Holistic therapy?

I have suffer with chronic migraines that never leave but can stay with me for m...

Has anyone tried venlafaxine

I've been prescribed 37.5mg once a day then going up to twice a day after a week...

Has anybody found that morphine stops a migraine?

I have recently been in hospital due to gallstones. I was given morphine to help...

Anyone tried Reiki?

I have been having terrible migraines/headaches for the past 7 months. Have trie...

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