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Migraine world Summit?

Do any of you know about the migraine world Summit? It has changed my life. It ...

Withdrawing from pitzotifen- anyone have any experience?

Hi everyone! My names is Becky and I’ve had migraine associated vertigo for th...

Headache calendar?

I saw the Neurologist today and he told me that I need to start keeping a headac...
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Toprimate and Asthma

Hi everyone. Its been nearlly a week on Toprimate for VM . From the off I have h...


Hi , I suffer with hemiplegic migraine , usually it affects the right side but h...

Thank you - Hemicrania

I just wanted to say thank you. A few years ago (2014 I think) I came across a p...

Face pain

My cousin has excruciating face pain which doctors can't diagnose but sounds to ...

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