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Having chronic headaches as a child


Hello everybody,

I am new to HealthUnlocked but unfortunately not new to headaches. I myself suffered from chronic headaches since I was six years old. Thus, I understand what children have to go through and how much it can affect their daily life.

But what this condition drove me to is my passion to help children who go through a similar situation.

It would be great to learn more about experiences from others who face this situation with their children or when they were a child themselves.

What are your tricks to cope with it as a child? What do you struggle with?

Looking forward to learning from others and supporting each other.

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I would like to recommend the Podcast Head's Up. They are migraine specialist and their next episode will be about kids.

Just download an App to play podcast, like Castbox or Podcast player. Then search for the Podcast Heads up. They have taught me so much, like I was taking to much OTC migraine medication and triptans so I stopped and now have only a few minor headaces in a week.

My son has migraines, but right now they are in his stomach.. we have been working 5 years on this and we struggle.

Good luck!

Dear Onthemove1971

thank you for your tips. I have heard of the Podcast but have not listened to it yet. I will definitely do so now!

I am glad to hear that you found a way to reduce your migraines.

As your son I had stomach aches for two years which then turned into headaches. Have you identified any triggers for him? Mine clearly were stress and as a child especially new situations.

I wish you all the best!

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