Depressed & feel ignored

Recently I have been feeling so depressed, I've started to have anxiety and panic attacks and it has brought me down so much.

Every time I experience this I am ringing for an ambulance, hoping that they'd find me a cure and prescribe me a pill to take... All I've been diagnosed wit his Anxiety and gerd, and now I've been told I have vessels in my cheeks that are blocked, but I am on tablets which are doing nothing for my depression or anxiety.. I have no doctor, I'm stuck indoors a-lot, not many friends now. really need some help with all this but don't know where to turn. my partner doesn't understand how i feel, how much this is bringing me down, always making me do things even when i'm so tired. my chest hurts when we argue, my anxiety goes off when im feeling alone and just thinking about it constantly. please somebody help me please.

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  • Hi there sorry for your plight its anxiety stress that is causing you to feel the way you do, there is help out there via doctor or chemist Kalms can help to lower the anxiety.

    if the doctor has given you meds they need time to work at least two weeks ask about stress counselling it works as it gives you ways to deal with everyday crap so you get to see the big picture and who or what is actually causing you the pain. i hope this helps in some way, there is light at the end of the tunnel as i was in your shoes Clive

  • I've mentioned this in previous threads, but the releasing properties of physical exercise can never be underestimated. Do you swim, cycle, jog, or do any other kind of outdoor sport? As difficult as it can be to get yourself outside when you feel this way, it often helps me enormously, particularly cycling, as one covers large distances in relatively little time, adding to the sense of physical escapism as well as mental.

  • Hi

    I'm sorry you have been feeling so anxious but do try not to phone for an ambulance if you can help it as that is unlikely to be helpful for you and may be causing harm to other people whose lives are at risk. Sadly there is no magic pill for anxiety and the more you give in to it the worse it feels, the only thing you can do is to learn to manage it. Do you get help with managing it, your GP could refer you to a CBT therapist as that approach is really good for anxiety, but you may have to pur pressure on your GP as not all GPs refer people as readily as others. It does sound as though you need some help with developing skills that will enable you to cope better with your anxiety. You say your partner doesn't understand how you feel and that must be really hard, also it must put additional pressure on you and put pressure on the relationship too. Perhaps it would be helpful if you got some info from Mind or another organisation and asked your partner to read it, they do info especially for partners and families of sufferers of anxiety, stress and depression. It is often hard for other people to understand, especially when there is no obvious logical cause, but the anxiety you feel is very real. Are you able to think about when you first started to become anxious, whether it was recently or long ago, what events triggered it first, etc. If you can begin to write your history of what you were like before you became anxious and then how things changed you may find that helpful as it will enable you to think about things more. Anxiety tends to interfere with thinking and take on a life of its own when in fact there are usually very logical explanations for anxiety they are just not always obvious and may be from some time ago, then things have built on those experiences and escalated out of control. Do try that approach as it really can work. Suexx

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