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I am fealing like I wont to kill my self again about 1 week ago I tuck 36 parecetimal and made mysellf very ill

Now I feal like I wont to do it again I live in a flat and my nabor wont moved givr me any peace I was moved in to this flat by my council because I had problems in my ild flat and this one is wurs I dont know wot to do I told councill but they have done nothink I just feal so down again

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Is there someone you can call to come and sit with you tonight? X


Hi snooker,

I know how you feel. You may not think I understand, but I do. I've been there. Toyed with the idea... I thought about it a lot. Rationale stopped me. I would never act on it. You need support at this time. I hope you find it,



Something funny to make you laugh: I tell terrible jokes. But look up Ricky Gervais. Look up Seth McFarlane... watch an episode of Family Guy... or American Dad... (these might be personal tastes of mine, but they're undeniably funny). :)


Oh snooker please don't take an overdose of paraceutamol again - they can give you liver damage. This might not kill you but can make life very painful instead.

Please get yourself down to your doctors and tell them how you are feeling. Or ring up the mental health team in your area or samaritans. Just do something to put it off...please.

Bev x


Just ring a helpline on the phone.Just talking anonymously helps


hi snooker, please don't hurt yourself.

you need to talk to someone, why not call the samaritans? they will always listen.

people on here do understand, well done for reaching out on here.


08457 90 90 90

call the council again . did you get the name of who organised your new flat? maybe, you could get in touch with them and tell them about your problems and distress.

it does take some time and a lot of adjustment to settle into somewhere new.

please come back and let us know how you are.




Thanks for advise I have made apointment whith my GP regarding my flat I have been hear for nealy 2 years now council wont let me move because I owe some rent but thats my fullt


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