Sorry, another question. I understand that with depression often comes a lack of drive to do things that you would normally enjoy. For me this is socialising and exercise. Having been on Citalopram for nearly a week now and being off this week, I think I expected some miracle change and that I'd be dashing out every evening and legging it to the gym every day with enthusiasm. Alas it is still a challenge to drag myself out despite the fact that I know I enjoy it when I get there. Does Citalopram eventually help with finding the umph again or does that only come with finding the solution to the problems that cause the stress and depression?

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  • Hi there

    well it helped me cope from day to day it wasnt like i had to drag myself out of bed, i could get out of bed, but you do have to keep pushing yourself, or you can end up very withdrawn like i have, when i bump into people i am all bubbly and oh hi how are you and then as soon as they go i just go back to the other side, for me its a constant battle but that is only cause more trauma has happened in my life I think when you know its going to help you even if you dont want to do it try to push yourself to do it, but if you dont feel like it one day dont beat yourself up for not doing it just say oh well i had a bad day i will try again tomorrow and then if you do manage to do it say well done i will try that again tomorrow but its a long road back and you will have bumps and twists and turns and the most important thing is just to accept it because the more you blame yourself the worse you end up feeling, I hope that makes sense and you understand that I am only here to support you and encourage you and the drug does help a bit but its a combination of you and the drug xx Helen

  • Hi there,

    After the first few weeks of taking Citalopram, I felt great, and after having a strong lack of motivation to do anything I was whizzing around keeping very busy. I hope that happens for you too, as it sounds like being active is important to you.


  • Hi

    Responses to medication differ for different people at different times so it is difficult to know whether you will feel better with the meds you are on, but they will take time to work. Usually it is possible to see results within 3-4 weeks so if you do not feel better by then go back to see your GP who can try a different med.

    As for whether feeling better only comes with finding a solution to the problems that caused the stress and depression, my own view is that so long as the causes are there then there will be the risk and likelihood of becoming depressed again. Even with medication the body gets used to a particular dose and you can't increase for ever or keep changing meds, as that tends to mess up the chamical balance in the body.

    It sounds as though you have some idea about the kinds of problems that caused you to become stressed and then depressed? Why not talk with someone, a counsellor or similar, or even write about those problems online here, to see whether you can be helped to resolve them then the depressed will be more likely to ease and less likely to return.

    I know what you mean about getting back the umph to go to the gym, I'm just fighting that battle myself! Good luck, I'm thinking I'll go to the gym, but not today.... I'm sure you will know that feeling!

    Take care,


  • I have the same problem, particularly during the first few weeks of taking Citalopram. I used to be quite a sociable person but now the thought of going out and talking to people just seems like too much hard work. I did start to force myself to visit friends and started going to a pub quiz and once I get there I feel fine. I had also started going spinning once a fortnight unfortunately due to having an op recently I've had to put that on the back seat. It has also meant that I've been off work and I've spent a lot of time by myself with my 'thoughts', but as hard as it has been I have managed to force myself to wander round the shops for a short while and go for a coffee. It really is worth trying to get out a bit, even if its just for a bit of fresh air. Hope you start to feel better soon :-)

  • When I was first put on Citalopran it took a few weeks to kick in for me after that I felt much better.Hang on in there and good luck

  • Thanks all. I am persevering and doing quite well, I have another week off, then a visit back to the Doctor to see how things are going and then back to work. So shall have to see how things are when I get back to the work environment that is the cause and trigger.

    Cheers for your support.

  • nhs.uk/medicine-guides/page...

    Give it time. I don't take Citalopram personally, but found the info on ADs on nhs.uk really helpful, hope you do too x

  • Hi sasays,

    Things have settled thankfully but now that I have the crutch I need to find a solution so that I can throw the crutch away. Had a look at the link thanks, it was useful.


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