Very little initiative:(

I started to get sick with my IBS again over the last 2 weeks or so, have already missed 2 weeks plus a day, don't have the initiative to go to work at all, my job doesn't give me anything anymore..nothing but bad flus over the years and and injury..and workers have made it much worst for me over the last couple of summers, indluding financial debt!! I am feeling sick again this morning and once again couldn't push myself to go to work, so I get myself more depressed because I am missing the hours and it's making my moods alot worse!!!! Having such a hard time with things, woke up with a migrain at 3 this morining, was feeling stomach sick...trouble sleeping and cranky with my boyfriend. He goes to work and hates it, but I have lost so much interest in everything, even eating sometimes...I know I need a swift kick in the butt sometimes....sure alot of you have felt this way, just needed to vent a little this morning, on my way to see my counsellor, take care everbody, and hopefully we will have a good day or even a bettter day throughout...


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It sounds as though you are struggling and you certainly don't need a kick in the butt! If you're feeling sick it will be for a reason, maybe physical linked to the IBS or maybe stress, either way the feeling is real. It sounds like your work is getting you down so is there any possibility of a change in career, in time maybe by thinking of re-training or similar, or perhaps that is impossible because of the debts. Any way of spreading the debts, have you seen CAB? I'm just thinkinf about things you can deal with to ease the situation, glad you have a counsellor for at least some support, do tell him/her how you are feeling.



I am planning on getting out of there, just need enough hours to get decent ei, which also requires going to work I know, and I'm thinking of going to school next year. I can't go into another job because of my back right now, I'm actually thinking about declaring bankruptcy!!!! And what do u mean by CAB? Thanks for responding back to me, hope to maybe hear from u again?




Hi Tonia

CAB - Citizens Advice Bureau for help in sorting out the debts and how to pay them off in a way which may not involve bankruptcy.

Your situation sounds awful! What's ei??



I have never heard of CAB, right now I just feel so stuck..I'm als paying off a loan that my mom got for me, she has done it twice...done the consolidated and now a line of credit....she doesn't know I'm in the situation I'm in now, she has been there for me in every way, and my boyfriend has his own bills to pay, even though he's there for me as best as he can be. And ei is unemployment insurance...



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