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any other young people here suffer from health anxiety?

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health anxiety is literally ruining my life.

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it has creeped into my life from time to time but wouldn`t say it`s taking over my life with worrying all the time something medically is wrong.

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Same here very debilitating and I have to get it under control I'm on disability but I need a part time job . Anxiety just to think about going anywhere is awful I'm sorry for how this is effecting you

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I get health anxiety every now and again too but my main thing is social anxiety. Anxiety as a whole is horribleeeee but nice pfp tho I wish I was more like Sakuta that dude can talk to anyone without losing composure lmao

Yes, I have anxiety about my addictive personality and the destructive behaviors that go along with it. I used to smoke and do drugs. Once I quit them I became a recluse because my entire social circle partook in drugs. This led to me staying at home all day and eating, basically replacing my drug addiction with a food addiction that caused me to gain 100lbs. I've since lost 40lbs but I'm worried that once I lose all the weight that I'll just replace my food addiction with another vice.

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