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Is Herpes 1 very bad for relationships

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I am in a new relationship and really having a great time. We are so into each other and really gel in most aspects of life. He now tells me he has Herpes........Bomshell!

Is it? I am so looking forward to working on enhancing this relationship. What does that mean for me....just be good ole friends? This is ok but not great because I really wanted to take this further and personal including sexual. Any suggestions. I have already contracted herpes1 through kissing. Is this a life sentence?

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He and yourself need to be checked by your Doctor and possibly cease sex until clear. It can take time too heal.

Did he not tell and explain this problem earlier on in the Relationship. It seems unconsiderate in my eyes


Thank you Bob. To be honest he did not know. He since visited his doctor and they swab tested him for both Herpis 1 and Herpes 2. Test confirmed Herpes 1. I am still waiting for my test results. Thank you again.

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