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Been switched to lamotrigine for anxiety and depression - anyone found it helpful?? ❤️

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If you don’t have bipolar or schizophrenia it has no business going in your body. I’ve had a lot of problems since 3 years ago I was going thorough burn out & ptsd. A lot happened to me. They put me on a diff antipsychotic but it’s a psychotic. It did some good things but I realized it did others. I also developed gut issues like bad ones. When I was taken off I had acid reflux badly on iy and it got worse I also have not felt the same and like my body and mind have gone into a weird state. I read up on them look up the guardian antipsychotics it is reputable and I’d say accurate. I am certified not bipolar I started hallucinating freaked me out. I went psychosis they think on them lol. Never had that except on drugs. They start wanting to add other drugs on top of it … I didn’t take them. Please make up your own mind and please lol up the guardian antipsychotics

What you are asking is quite awkward,, most medications in this group can have different effects on diferent patients so we do not mention drugs in isolation.

All I can say is it is important you give the drug a chance and allow a five week time period for the drug to start working, you will also need to be patient and allow the drug to work. The list of medications is not infinate so looking for changes my extend the period of getting well.

I have taken my Drug Citalopram for decades now and am on a reduction because of age. So Citalopram may be unsuitable for other patient, remember we are all different as is our needs and expectations of what works for us


Not really. Two doctors put me on this. It helped with my mood a little, but for anxiety and depression, no. I take other meds now for that. I've been switched on and off different meds for several years. I'm pretty satisfied with the ones I'm taking now. But, I still have to get up and do things to get me out of the blues. Turn on the music, get up and exercise, make my meals, clean the house then go outside and get fresh air and sunshine to start my day.

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Thank you. I’ve tried everything else! But I may have to retry meds. Which antidepressants are you taking? They all seem to make me really agitated x

Well, right now I use Wellbutrin and Seroquel. That seems to work for me better than any other depression med combination. I use other meds for anxiety. I like the Seroquel because it also helps me sleep. So I take that one at night. Two Wellbutrin during the day. Wellbutrin works on dopamine and serotonin.

I recommend you use a psychiatrist to prescribe your meds, not your primary care doc. I think a psychiatrist is specifically trained to prescribe you the right mental health meds. A psychiatric therapist can help, too. 😎

Yes thank you - I do have a psych but have got all messed up as anxiety has caused agitation and I have got agitated on the meds and come off and now I don’t know what might have helped and what hasn’t. My genetic test says Wellbutrin would work for me but you can’t get it in the UK. Did it keep you wake initially? X

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