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I need some advice


Since Covid, like many other people, I started feeling down and unhappy with life. I think it started because I was stuck inside all the time, I missed connecting with others and I just felt like I was wasting my life away sitting around the house. Its now at the point where some days I don't want to get out of bed and I'm getting easily agitated by others. I want to make positive changes to my life, but I'm stuck in this cycle of just feeling down and worn out. I'm still not at work either so I'm hoping once I go back and get a bit more of a normal structure to my day it might help, but I'd really love some advice on how I can get back to feeling happier.

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hi,sorry to hear your so down during lockdown,Im sure your not alone,just always remember there are literallly thousands throughout the world feeling as you do ,lifeless/worthless,I struggle with this everyday,even before the Virus,and it made me feel totally alone and no future whatsoever,stress levels were extremely high,but I decided I need to carry on regardless of how low I feel ,and forced myself to laugh and to talk out loud --IM on my own,and pensioner,and have no car to drive me away from the City ....so you can give yourself a purpose for carrying on ,health is far more important than money ,and talking is far mor valuable than living in a lonely environment .take care and hope you feel better soon ,smile and the world will smile with you cry and you will feel alone,or so it goes.try some music /whatever makes you smile.!

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