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Has anybody stood up to their doctor, or the system in general?


I have finally found the courage to not take no for an answer and stop being stigmatized and accepting subpar treatment. I want to make my voice known. In what way has anybody stood up to the arrogant doctor, careless office staff or any form of mistreatment from the mental health professionals? Filing a complaint with the medical board? Send a complaint to the hospital? Even consult a lawyer? I am at the point now where I feel like writing a letter directly to the doctors who have harmed me by describing my dissatisfaction and reasons, along with credible research to back up my argument. However, I was wondering about other people's experiences and the outcome of standing up for yourself.

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I have talked to staff when incidents occur. I prefer to address things in the moment.

I've written and complained about one MD that was a paid consultant for an insurance company. I did get satisfaction. Based on facts I presented I was told this person was removed from the consultant list.

Its all about being an advocate for urself n ur body. Ive def done it multiple times n never regretted the outcome.

Noone should receive sub par treatment especially with high costs of medical.

I once had to put up with a psychiatrist who seemed to an overly high opinion of himself. He often turned up late to his consultation sessions.

It was common to wait for over an hour after the scheduled appointment time. There were often people who'd waited longer than me.

He'd saunter in through the door like some kind of rock star.

My late Dad and I tried making an official complaint about him, yet it made

little difference.

He wasn't much good as a psychiatrist so I was glad to see the back of him!

Glad you got rid of this pompous ass,sounds like he had delusions of granduerlhope you have found a better psychiatrist!

I never have with mental health doctor, but with a regular surgeon I did. I fired him on the spot. I was tired of their unprofessional and how they treated patients. After that they didn’t care for me anymore. I would have contacted the State Board,but decided to let it go. However, they work for you not the other way around. Though sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. Some are nice, others may feel like they have your life in the palm of your hand. It’s the matter of finding the right one. It’s very important you are an advocate for yourself and stand up for yourself and your rights. You should be proud of yourself that your doing this. Sorry that’s all I can say in it

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