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Anxiety left arm

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Hi all sounds strange but when I’m suffering with anxiety my left arm feels weak and I get tingly feelings in my fingers and aches and I feel like I’m going to have a stroke, does anybody else feel like this ?

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You might be slightly hyperventilating.

Start taking a few deep breaths. Slowly to a count that’s comfortable to you. I breathe in to the count of 4 and out to 4. Do that a few times. Your not getting enough oxygen to your extremities and it can feel one-sided.

I would tell your doctor to be sure. An updated ECG never hurts.



When I have mental health problems, I get tingling in right side of head - could be blood pressure, low or moving in difficult way - overstretching - lots of medical reasons - best to see a doctor to see if it is serious, though - good luck


I have nerve damage caused by PsA, however being sixty nine I can not concern myself with the problem as my GP has done blood tests and put me on B12 injections and D3 recommended for Pensioners

It may be circulation that is causing these sensations. However if it is happening on a regular basis talk to your GP.

However if you are Anxious these sensations may be worrying you.

Make an appointment to get it checked out



I would def get to a doc,could be a nerve impingement,or sign of something worse.Might be a easy chiro fix.

Sounds like ur tensing up from anxiety is affecting muscles in ur neck n down ur arm.

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You are not alone. This is a direct quote from a health magazine: “Many people who discontinue their antidepressant abruptly may experience symptoms like fatigue, nausea, myalgia (muscle aches), insomnia, anxiety, agitation, dizziness, hallucinations, blurred vision, irritability, tingling sensations, vivid dreams, sweating, or electric shock sensations.”

FOR ME, ALL OF THE ABOVE happen while I’m still taking my Zoloft . What’s up with that?


Thanks everybody I have booked an appointment for a blood pressure check just to make sure but I think it’s because I am constantly twitching my left arm and shoulder so it could just be my muscles trying to relax


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