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Recently my anxiety has just become really awful to the point it’s waking me up in the middle of the night and it’s making me feel more depressed because I’m anxious and tired all the time. I’ve recently started taking 20mg fluoxetine every morning and I have 40mg propanalol to take when it’s needed(which is all the time now but I’ve only been provided with enough for half the time) any advice on how to calm my anxiety?

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Sorry to hear you are having a rough time

hmm sometime si like to put on youtube and listening to rain music before sleep that helped me

I think you need to not rely on pills but ask yourself what is making you anxious? I recently stopped taking pills i think for me being 40 now and having more economic stability helped my situation although a bad breakup messed me up which led to alcohol abuse for two years

my suggestion is

think on how life is limited...I'm assuming you have family and loved ones around...they are important

you ought to focus on yourself...your health your physical well-being start making that small effort o do things you wouldn't normally do..whether it is a dance class or art class. I think recently for me its been meeting new people

i really like coach corey wayne on youtube a smart guy about life...please check him out

that has helped a lot but also having a stable terms of

I'm not sure of your circumstances though

its different for everyone

you can find me on fb James Glass with a black and white photo on a motorbike ) if you need more direct advice

I have been feeling like this lately too. I try not to take my prescription meds because I don’t want to rely on them. For me, it’s the fear of having a heart attack or worse. I have been feeling like I cant enjoy myself. And I really try to change that by trying to do something I enjoy at least once a day. It’s hard. But try at it. My therapist says I need to change my way of thinking and hopefully everything will follow. I’ve been like this for 2 months and just want it to be over and done with. Like a past time. But, right now, it feels like it’s never going to end

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Ellex31 in reply to Addds

Hey I'm suffering too I'm moving house and I'm not sure if this is the cause but yesterday it was just so bad my body feels so tired with the stress and my heart races and I feel weak wish I could make it go away x

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Addds in reply to Ellex31

Aw! Yeah, that will also take a toll on you! Sometimes I get sad because I’m like man, what was life before this? And why didn’t I enjoy it’


Anxiety can be caused by health concerns, studying or domestic., to know where your Anxiety originated from may help you address your problem.

You mention your medication regime, some of these medications can take upwards of six weeks to begin to work, The main problem we all have is being impatient for the drugs to work. Some people with Anxiety are offered CBT and talking out your concerns can work.

However most sufferers have to rely on not only the techniques given by their therapist and medications a good 30% needs to be provided from the patient themselves.

The dose of medications may be increased around four or five weeks after the initial script. Remember however to give medications time to work is very important. To try and try other drugs can reduce the list of drugs available to you

You could try MINDFULNESS a Relaxation Technique, this technique has various other things you can try including Breathing Techniques.

I remember in my early days Anxiety could sensitize us to our body sensations and that can also be problematic


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