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so fed up of issues!


hiya everyone I apologise for the rant.....

it's my dads 1st anniversary he died last year and all I am getting just now is issues with my baby's dad and family and im sick of being so suspicious but feel I need to be.

I am doubting everyone just lately and I don't like it.

ive changed my medication and stopped some others but I am struggling right now I don't know what to do for the best I have fibro and the pain I am in is really effecting my mental health.


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In the UK we are supposed to have our medications, also some treatments reviewed every twelve months, sometimes medications MAY be changed and others withdrawn. This is because some medications can roll over and are taken even when they can be withdrawn.

Therefore talk to your GP and explain your decisions to stop taking some medications you have taken in the past. However understand it can be a problem if you stop taking AD Medications you should always take advice of your GP, As I understand you are having problems associated with family and friends

How long have you been on your new medications ?

What medications for AD are you now taking, how long have you been on them ?

You also mention other drugs, Medications for pain generally can cause problems if withdrawn, so the best person to discuss drugs in your GP. Therefore next week make your appointments, draw up a list of your worries, concerns and attitude to others. A treatment pathway may be drawn up and you may need to have explained how to take your medications and what to expect.

Sometimes we need help to get over the loss of a family member, what can happen on the first year passes and this can intensify our thoughts and this can last for some time.

so you are not alone on your thoughts, the best way over them is to talk with family and friends who knew your Father this will help you move on although your thoughts will be of the person who has passed over many years, We of course generally become less effected as time goes by


Hi missellie,

Thank you for your post. I feel for you that this is the first anniversary of your dad's passing. The grieving process takes a long time , it is not a linear thing, it is just that a process. There is no time frame to how long this will last. Grief affects everyone differently. Just go with the flow of your emotions. If you want to cry, then cry. If you want to rant, then rant. If you just want to be still and silent on your own, then do so. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Time will lessen the rawness you are feeling at the moment, but your love and memories will always be there. Be gentle with yourself, take one moment, one step and one day at a time. Just pop by here anytime you feel like pressure. We are here and listening and will be a virtual shoulder to cry on.

The Grief Cycle:

Can you speak to your doctor about how you are feeling and about your fibro pain? Changing medications takes time for the body to wean off one, adapt and get used to another. If this involves the likes of antidepressants including Amitryptilline/Nortriptyline (older AD's given for neuropathic pain, not depression), Gabapentin etc you need to be managed and monitored closely by your doctor and/or pharmacist. Take a look at some information on managing fibromyalgia. The UK site has downloadable information packs for patients and a medical one to give to your doctor.

Fibromyalgia Action UK:

National Fibromyalgia Association (USA)

Take care of yourself,

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse and Moderator

Hi I agree with the Admin. 1 year is not very long and I still grieve and miss my dad who has been gone these past 10 and a half years. I always dislike Fathers Day and feel sad on the anniversaries of his birthdays and passing. My mum went 6 years ago this month. Her birthday was 4th June, She died on 19th June at the age of 90, and her funeral was 28th June. So many anniversaries and reminders, and I hate June with a passion.

Grieve for your lovely dad today and let other things pass you by until you feel a little bit stronger. x

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