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How to Deal with my anxiety's?

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Hello All,

the weather has been pretty high 30c, Sunny, bright and hot. Yet I am having anxiety's over the weather and so forth as I know its normal to be happy and so forth but I fidd myself worrying on what to wear in this hot weather? and panicking because loads of people are out and about living there life. I feel at a standstill in my like, 31 year old woman, in a job I hate as a security officer (which I have been over 2 years now). My daughter's parents evening is coming up this Monday the 9th of July and I am also having anxieties over that going to meet teachers what to wear to look presentable, not skimpy..but the hot weather. My daughter stays with grandparents due to my job but I go over Saturday to Sundays...but recently started going to church which also has created another slight anxiety on how to present myself as its awfully hot. I just keep thinking I can't wait to get it over and done with. I have been oversleeping and dreading get in on with the days. I am on citalopram 20mg on my 3rd week now and propranolol. My relationship my parents have no idea about as I see him when I am lonely as I am alone in flat as my daughter stays with grandparents. I am in a relationship has been going on and of 5 years over and I keep getting back and off with him... I feel unstable and not sure what I am doing with my life either...too much anxiety fear to do things. What can I do to improve all this issue? whats wrong with me??

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Hi, yes it's tricky to decide what to wear in this very hot weather. Just wear something which is decent and not too clingy but lets in the air. I find dresses are cooler than trousers, just wear a dress with a nice scarf or something like this.

It sounds like you're a little on edge about your life at the moment and a little unsure, like over the relationship. This hot spell has been very taxing for everyone and maybe you are just overthinking and overworrying a bit.

Just deal with one thing at a time. If you dislike your job then maybe work towards something else? Your relationship is on/off. Are you basically happy or no?

I get the feeling you will be ok and just have a few anxieties at the moment which is quite normal. Do you have a friend you could phone to have a chat with or meet up and talk about stuff? This may help x

Thanks for your response. I am not happy at my job but force myself as I have no choice until I find another one. My relationship is on and off because I am unsure about it but he wants a family but I already have a 15-year-old and he has 2 from a previous relationship but not in contact with the 16 or 17-year-old due to their mum moving them to manchester several years ago. I am in and out because I guess I feel alone...though I have my family and daughter only see them over the weekend. Any coping mechanism or tips?

I think you're doing pretty well and are coping reasonably well. It is lovely that you have a family and daughter so you are blessed; I don't have anyone apart from my father who is 95 and my sister who lives abroad and can't understand my distress. Life has it's ups and downs. You are doing well putting up with the job and maybe just keep looking for something more suitable. So no I don't really have any coping mechanisms. If you're in UK i think we're all suffering in this heat at the moment. I absolutely hate the way everyone else seems to be out enjoying themselves and then there's lonely me.... x

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