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Mid-life crisis?

Hey all, I'm Minger, in my forties and working two jobs. I've recently received feedback about being more "human" at work and took an EIQ test to see if I qualified for mental health issues, and seems like I do. I'm a bit skeptic still as in my country, we just brush things like this off as "bad days" which everyone is inclined to have. Thoughts on this?

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Hi what's an EIQ test and what country are you from? What do you mean you were told to be more human at work? I was once told by a friend that I was only human when I was drunk but I ignored it and just thought it was funny! x

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Emotional IQ test :) From the Philippines. We recently went through some changes and we had to implement stricter rules at work. So I had to put my foot down a number of times and the team did not take well to it.


Oh in that case it's obviously upset a few people you having to put your foot down and be obeyed. I would ignore that remark as I am sure you are very human. Keep on doing your job and ignore silly remarks. x


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