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I have severe changes in my attitude and emotions, anyone else?

I have days where iam extremely happy and trying really hard and getting work done & helping others and it may last for a few days, weeks or even down to an hour & from this I will then cry my eyes out for days and panic and have bad paranoia to the point I think everyone’s trying to kill me and I run away from people and accuse them, it gets bad and I don’t understand why it changes so often, and everyone in my family and In school get really annoyed at me because when they think im back on track, I just go back down hill, anyone got any ideas for coping or suggestions for what may be happening? Thankyou for reading this x

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Hi Chloeakeroyd3, I am so sorry to hear that you are still struggling and feeling unwell at the moment. However, it is also really good that you have had some good days and weeks. That sounds like there is some improvement happening for you which is great, and really positive. But I can understand your worry that this doesn't last and that you then experience your mood swings again. From your previous posts, you have been given some really good advice and very helpful suggestions, to try and help you to feel better. I think though that it is important that you receive a diagnosis, as otherwise you are going to continue to feel worried and anxious. Have you been back to your GP or written a letter for your doctor to read, explaining in that letter all that you have been feeling and thinking for some time now. Perhaps you could print off all your posts, which would help your doctor or Professional Mental Health Team to really understand your illness and then set about starting treatment for you. Do you have a counsellor in your school that you could go and see. If not, I wonder would you ask to be referred to a counsellor, as this would give you the opportunity to talk about your issues in detail, and work around developing different strategies to help you to start feeling better. Keep in touch with your friends and let them know how you are feeling. And you can always ring the Samaritans if you need someone to talk to and who will listen and understand......Freephone ..116 123 .....24 hours every day of the year. Also, you may like to take a look at Skeet Line for young people, this should come up on your screen. Get plenty of rest and relaxation, and I do hope that you feel better and brighter in yourself soon. Take good care of yourself, all very best wishes.....mas nurse

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Thankyou and yes I mainly struggle with my boyfriend we have been together for 6 years and I am constantly threatening to leave him because all my feelings completely change n the next minute I love him again, I do the same with my friends and it causes me many problems, I feel like there are two people inside of me, I am praying for a diagnosis of some kind so I can work on it, thankyou for all the great advice I am feeling ok now thankyou just dread tonight as I have stayed off school today because I had no sleep last night due to my thoughts going crazy, hope you are well xx


Yes, I would loose my temper really badly and get angry at silly stuff for no reason. It is tough trying to find that even state and yes there is ups and downs. It is good to have those good days and finding out why they are good days can help.

Are you working with anyone to help you with these feelings. I worked out routines with the help of my doctor and support from a psychologist. I also kept a journal of what I had done each day, how I was feeling and also what I had been eating to.

I found working on routines helped. I do still have times when I feel low but they are less often than they used to be and it was all helped by me learning what caused the situations and what to do about it. I used to have bad nightmares about my house being broken into and would have to check the doors where locked several times before I could go to bed. The work I did with my psychologist included working with though diaries and other techniques to help me with those feelings.

You should definitely find someone who can help you.

One other thing that I think is important to know is that your family is probably worried about you and you may think they are annoyed at you, but they are probably just worried because they don't know how to help you with this.

I hope your school or doctor has someone that you can speak to to help you with this.

I have written about some of things that I have tried in old posts, but please go and talk to someone in your local area about getting further help.

Take care.


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I try to get help but I struggle to talk so when I get to the doctors I don’t say much and just say the bare minimum and always get sent away like there’s nothing wrong, when I’m in a good way I always think like yeah I can do this I can sort myself out and when I fall back down I will be ok & then as soon as my mental state falls there’s no getting out of it I just wait for the days or weeks to pass until I feel ok again n I will start again, I know that this is no way to live a life but this group is the only help I have


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