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Does anybody struggle with borderline personality disorder or bipolar? I need help

Hello, I am really struggling to figure out what is mentally unstable with me & there is definitely something not right however I really need to know what it is so I can work on fixing it as I am currently doing my exams and it is causing me major problems, I have looked at symptoms for both illnesses and my doctor has told me to research them and write a letter to my GP addressing exactly how I feel this is because I get extremely embarrassed when talking although I know it is not at all embarrassing, if anyone has any ideas of illnesses that affect teenagers that have traumatic childhoods, please reply x

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Hi there I am sorry you feel so mentally unwell, it’s a dark hole to be in. Have you considered that you might suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome? Sounds simple but one can be left with this after having a traumatic childhood. Perhaps look it up and see what you think. Wishing you well.


Hi chloeakeroyd13 and welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear that things are so difficult for you. Is one of the illnesses you are concerned about Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome? There is a website with a lot of information on this which may be useful to you. youngminds.org.uk/ptsd. Would you like to tell us about the other illness you are concerned about, please? We can then try to find out some information about this, also. If you feel more comfortable with writing a letter to your GP in preference to talking when addressing how you feel, then this is absolutely fine. Talking to your GP or writing down how you are feeling is absolutely fine. Please stay on this supportive forum to receive help from other members. Can any members help Chloeakeroyd13, please? Thank you and best wishes.


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