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I have extreme Anxiety

Hi firstly I haven't always been like this I lost my younger brother 5 years ago and its broken me. I have fought the grief for so long couldn't do it no more as I don't like mixing with people hands constantly shaking to the point work colleagues were noticing I have constant dioreah so only went docs 8 months ago as when my anxiety bad I get so badly sick had to take 3 weeks off work. I'm still on them now every day and 150mg sertaline but some days I feel like I'm having a complete breakdown I work 60 hours a week to keep my mind occupied.

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Mandiet - grief is serious problem when it comes to anxiety. I still suffer with this myself, Im actually grieving today for a memory of the past and when alone it manifest into something it really isn't. So I take myself out of the 'alone factor' and like now I am texting you from a sportsbar amongst people. Now that ain't for everyone, and would I just ideally rather be sat at home feet up watching crap tv, eating and drinking without a worry in the world....to right, but the reality for me, you and millions of others out there it's simply not the case!

I think your grief for the loss of your brother can hit at anytime, 5 years or 50 years it don't matter and it's nothing to be ashamed off, keeping occupied in your job is a good idea but seems a little excessive and can result in further tension and anxiety, hence the tummy troubles. I personally went to grief counselling and it worked wonders on understanding what I am grieving and why, whether it's a death of a loved one or relationship breakup or loss of job, home, etc - grief is a major trigger for anxiety and depression, and all those things and more have happened in my life and in a very short space of time. It tough my friend, it really it, but try your best and keep going, keep the faith and continue seeking help and support...do whatever necessary to help you through this and come to accept and understand your pain. I would strongly suggest counselling in order for you to talk at length and in great personal detail about this situation.

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So nice of you to reply whilst at a sports bar. Thank you for taking the time to do that I've had a bad few days myself this week. I will consider conouncelling but not just right now I don't like really going out only to work and back backed off from all my friends I have 3 close friends but that's it and my daughter is my best friend I will do it when I feel ready for definate and once again thank you


No problem at all, and yes just do what you have to do, but remember your not alone mate.

Take care.

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Do you get bad sickness with Anxiety I get it.that bad I'm on anti sickness tablets as well.Haven't had decent night sleep since my brother passed I thought I was going mad until I started my medication but I still get the hot sweats if I've got to go anywhere I hardly ever leave house only work and back gets the shakes my heat beats so fast it's unreal


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