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Hi I'm just finding my feet here... I'm struggling with getting a diagnosis for my symptoms.

Started about a year ago. Severe overwhelming tiredness, coupled with a full on zombie-head, like wading through treacle. I've lost my mojo - I don't feel like doing anything. I'm just not me :-(

Docs have done all the Tired All The Time tests, and more...they can't find anything 'medically' wrong. I've been told it should get better with time! I'm disappointed.

Next week I go back to my GP to ask him what's next.

Any advice would be welcome :-)

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Are you sad,anxious,depressed about anything..Im assuming you have done blood tests as well?..


Hi ellinaki

I feel sad now because I can't work out what's wrong. And its so unlike me.

It all crept up on me over a year or so, until I felt unable to cope, so I took a few weeks out of work, I rested and gradually went back, on advice from my doc. I'm back fulltime again, but feels like I've come full circle and back where I started before I took time off.

Yes I've had a myriad of blood tests - I went to see a specialist in hormones who did lots more tests. Nothing found.

I don't feel depressed, I have a great family and kids who are great, so my support network is positive. But they are worried too because we cant work it out.


It’s hard knowing and feeling something is wrong or just not right and not being able to pinpoint why you feel the way you do. My husband thinks I am depressed, he sees me not behaving as I should. I used to fight him on that saying I wasn’t but now I’m not too sure? Is there anyone close to you that has noticed a change in you that you can talk too?

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Hi Carebear1986

Yes my partner has really noticed my changes. He's not a great talker at all, he struggles with expressing emotion and having difficult conversations. So i haven't been able to really talk it through with him at the level i need.

But he is my barometer of change. He can see the difference in me, so I know it's there.


Can you go to another doctor for a second opinion..


Yes, I have an appointment with my current GP first, its make or break. If i get no positive next steps from him, I'll change to another GP.

It does feel like he's expecting it to just get better with time....but how long that is, I don't know.


Men aren’t great with emotions I know. You’re not alone there either. Me and my husband seem to start conversations which never seem to reach a resolution so they are left unresolved. I went to see a councillor by myself and she asked me when was the last time you were happy? I couldn’t answer, every moment that should have been happy In my mind has something negative attached to it and that’s what I see first. I see negativity everywhere. What do you see / think first? Are you always positive about things situations or do you look to the negative first?


Hi, i used to be positive about everything, lots of 'get up and go', happy, etc.

But part of my current symptoms are the thoughts of not wanting to do things, making excuses for why i can't do something. Not so much negative, but not being bothered anymore.

Its quite an odd situation for me.


HI monetowl. .

You could be describing me..I have had exactly the same...I was always the positive one and I started not wanting to do things and eventually it turned to anxiety about doing anything. I've tried all sorts of things and when I feel I'm making headway I slip back again..I am constantly tired and struggling to stay at work... I have found it hard to get any talking help as I think that is the best thing and I don'the have a partner to speak to....my doctor just says its anxiety and asks if I want to try different tablets...I do hope you get a answer ☺


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