which cities would you love to live in most of all? and perhaps, why?

my title implies the text of general post, so here we go

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  • 3 cities you prefer to live in

  • Siena, Prague, Vancouver

  • have you any memorable moments from there? share please

  • I've been to Vancouver 2007. that was cool. drove by Siena 2 falls ago. and I have only a postcard of Prague. they are completely different. what knits them together?

  • I believe, it’s a great experience to live for a while in a culture that differs a lot from your own. You may start to look on this world from a new point of view. I was born and currently living in the US, if I have such possibility I would love to spend a year or so in Japan. Not in a city. Maybe in a small village.

  • Does Japan have villages?

  • Sure, but their amount is decreasing

  • i guess Japanese type of culture is opposite to American one. maybe you're cheesed-off and tired of the pace of life in there where you are living now? what exactly attracts you in Japan or what amazes?

  • I'm from New-York, so maybe that's why i want to live for a while in a peaceful and safre place.The feeling of safety in Japan is remarkable. I’ve literally dropped about $200 (20000 yen) and someone ran to give it to me. I hadn’t noticed I dropped it. You can walk around most areas almost anytime without worrying. You can leave your bag or computer on a cafe table and to to order or the bathroom without worrying. Transportation is also safe, efficient and except for the rush hour crowds pretty amazing. Most of the people I have met are fairly humble and not trying to impress even though they may have incredible status.

  • Sounds excellent, sure. I hope you’ll achieve your purpose and an appeasement soon. Japanese culture looks a little bit weird to me. I can’t understand their tv-shows and their freaky movies as well. They have completely another different vision. But I have no idea how it’s to live or stay there. guess if you're saying it’s cool it’s so. p.s. Chinese culture is even weirder to me than Japanese one.

    Last week I’ve suddenly dropped my almost empty purse in Coventry xxx nobody know who is currently its new owner. hah

  • do you live in the big city in the US?

  • As for my own dream I’d like to spend the rest of life in Darwin, Australia. But I have a strong fear of the creatures especially of poisonous and stinging ones. Crazy!! I can not believe people there can sleep in peace knowing that the creatures are creeping everywhere around

  • I think the grass is always greener on the other side.

    We do quite well here in Britain (assuming most people on here live in Britain). With free health care, education and unemployment benefits, we do pretty all right, even though I know things are going down hill quite a bit. Unlike in the USA where they have to pay for medical insurance and you just have to suffer if you can't afford it. They don't have much in the way of benefits over there either.. But on the other hand housing isn't nearly so expensive and they're much bigger in America.

    But in terms of weather... Well! That's a whole other ball game isn't it? Haha. I like Britain, except for the weather. I don't like it to be massively humid or scorching hot.

    Can anyone recommend a place for me where we can actually see the sun more than twice a year but not be super humid?


  • I have been to Kiev 2 weeks ago and I guess climate there is just as you have described. You can try it out for a vacation and see yourself. Ukraine is really cheap and a bit exotic for western European.

  • New Orleans. Something about that place feels homey to me...

  • snap, would love to visit

  • London, Moscow and Dubai - all of these cities are so beautiful !

  • London is an old city with its own inimitable charm, Dubai is a modern megapolis, but why do you like Moscow? What is special about this city?

  • Moscow is a powerful city having its own strong atmosphere. It seems that people which built Moscow were fond of massive architecture. I’ve been to this city a couple of times, lived in its different parts but always felt like something big was overseeing me all the time.

    I cannot be there for too long but I like to visit this curious city. It is a brain of original Russia. I don't start a dispute. someone can say that st.petersburg is a brain. but I guess it's another organ.

  • i guess its a really beautiful city, I'm not sure if i actually want to live there, but for a stay, most defs!

  • Only if I had lots of money but for me it would be London, San Francisco and New York. x

  • Which city doesn’t force us to earn lots of money, more and more? Hah

    Your list is amazing. these cities have something in common for all of them.

    Maybe it an old history, maybe it’s an outlet to the sea.

    Don’t you want to live in country where people don’t use English at all?

  • No - too difficult :) Wouldn't mind Vienna though or Venice. x

  • Interesting question! I love Bruges followed by Vancouver then Dubai

  • Great topic

    My choices: Norwich uk for excellent choice of shops and market. Truro in Cornwall, fond memories of when I used to visit my Mum who lived in a nearby village and my 3rd choice would be in a Southern Ireland possibly Tipperary, not sure. Third choice isn't as obvious as first two choices

  • Sorry I am not a city person as I find them too busy.

  • So 20Voices your three countryside choices would be?

  • Skye, Aberfoyle and Banchory. :-D

  • I'm with you on not being a city person. I still live right on the edge of the same town where I grew up and really don't want to move or live anywhere else.

  • Me too, I still stay in the town I was brought up in. Didn't see the point in moving anywhere else as it is close to a major road network and has the beauty of being close to wonderful parks and places to go as well. :-D

  • XXX

    God, I’m amazed. Yesterday I felt sad and wanted to talk with somebody. Posting it here I was afraid you’ll be angry with me because my question could seem stupid. I know many people are struggling with real problems while I'm trying to chill out. Thank you very much. You are the best.

    Now it’s a time for reading your replies and I’m glad to start!



  • Sometimes it is good to have a distraction from you own thoughts and I find things like this a good distraction. It also gets people talking who may be afraid to talk about what is happening with them.

    Take care and know you have more than likely helped someone who was having a rough day because you posted this.


  • I love living exactly where I am - a small coastal town in SW England.

  • The Southwest is a lovely part of England. I Always enjoyed looking out of the train window on my way down to Truro, seeing the river Ex and later the sea as the train track ran alongside the promenade.

  • I know that rail journey well. It is a beautiful route.

    When I do travel up country it is always so lovely to return home,

    Lottie x

  • i couldn't remember the name of the seaside town I particularly like, it was bugging me so just looked it up now and it's Dawlish and Dawlish Warren. How could I have forgotten. We visited it on holiday a couple of years back and I had my turn at waving at the long distance trains going by.

  • Dawlish and Dawlish Warren are beautiful. Exmouth is not too far away, over the road bridge. Lovely to remember these places, thank you,

    Lottie x

  • I used to live in a small village in rural Sweden, but always wanted to live in the UK. Just a love affair I always had with the country, culture and language. And so I moved here about 5 years ago and I am mostly happy. If not here then I could also live in Southern Ireland or remotely in Scotland somewhere. I am not a city person and need the quiet. where I live now is actually too busy (and it is by any measure not busy at all) but I miss the silence. It is never really silent here.

  • Portland, Kailua Kona, and Vancouver