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Bipolar and difficulties socializing

Hi Everyone

I have a friend who has bipolar and when she is manic and socializes she becomes really flirty and finds it difficult to socialize safely or not say inappropriate things. Can anyone give me some tips to help her?

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Sounds like me after a few drinks! But seriously, has your friend asked for help? Is she aware that her behavior is inappropriate? If she is ok with it and it is harmful then perhaps leave her be.

If you feel she is in danger of sexual violence or promiscuity which is reckless and dangerous to her then perhaps you need to talk to her.

I don't know if alcohol and her meds are a bad mix. I don't know if she is manic etc.

if she is manic, going out drinking might not be good. Can you suggest other social activities such as bowling, sports, dance lessons which use her energy in a place less likely to have alcohol?

I think distraction technique can be helpful. If you feel her behavior is becoming concerning then as you would with a child, try to steer her attention to something else. Alternatively ask her to go outside for a bit or for a dance etc so she can use that energy in healthier ways. Often recalling funny stories which she can remember and talk about could help. If she sings take her to karaoke etc etc.

I do think talking to her openly is best - look at MINDs website they may have useful tips and try and engage with her mood as best you can. Does this help?

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I've made some presumptions which might not be true. Also, I get leery with drink and no man no woman is safe from my inappropriate comments. I've been in bad situations so I understand your concern- sometimes just putting me in a taxi would have helped.



Many people who are Bipolar, sometimes understand the rise and fall of their condition.

There is no easy way for you to make that approach. The best way would be firm and kind.

She should be taking medication that will level out these rise and falls and they should help.

Generally She will know how her mood effects Her, it may be She will feel very insecure after this rise. You may find She will be happy you are there for Her. Remember it is an illness and many sufferers know of the problems She displays




She is aware of what she is doing. She showed me how she can be the other day and I was worried. I told her that she has to be careful, but she asked if there was any information online about how she should react that she could read to give her some tips of what not to do when going out, as an alternative.

She is on meds, but does not drink. She has recently started on Lithium, so hopefully this will help.



Maybe arrange a date where the two of you research bipolar online. She obviously wants help and support. If she's just started lithium it will take time but her moods will even out.

You are doing a great job as a friend.


One of the characteristics of a bi-polar high is actually loss of judgement and the normal inhibitions that stop us behaving in certain ways. Has your friend discussed things with her psychiatrist/psychologist.

One thing that might help is mindfulness - which could help her to step outside her thoughts and monitor them for triggers rather than finding herself caught up in them.

I haven't looked through the information but possible that there might be some tips here - or it might point you to other potential sources of information


this site might also be useful



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