Just watched this and I'm feel enlightened- this explains depression and lights a flame of hope in my heart

I've suffered with depression all my life - on and off ...& finally I've found some useful information.. This will blow your mind .. If you do nothing else today, just watch this .. You won't regret it !

( I watched it while painting, it's quite long )

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  • Have started watching this - it's making so much sense and I'm only 20mins in. It turns out my usual character - not very socialable with strangers is due to my brain being Stone Age. OMG - already I'm feeling less weird.

  • I will watch this when I have time. I have watched a percentage and it is interesting, I find the gentleman hard work although He makes some good points that are very helpful


  • Go to tlc.ku.edu - website has the basic steps to natural anti- depressants. If you google steven Ilandi there are other interviews which may simplify his lecture - which is long.

  • Thanks will be having a look soon


  • Finished watching it - fantastic at explaining depression and great info on non medical antidepressants. A lot of not new, exercise, getting outside, diet - omega 3. But explained as to why and how they work and very importantly some of the stumbling blocks to why depressed people not able to do these things automatically. Really worth watching, Steven Ilandi really great down to earth honest passionate scientist.

  • I've just finished watching the video. Brillant a real eye opener.

  • Hi everyone, so pleased you found the video well worth watching perhaps you can share it with any new community members as they find this site. That will also make them feel welcome.

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