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Alot of changes happening in my life

Well.. Im still trying to get used to the idea of my keyworker changing with my old one leaving next Friday... And now I have an even bigger change happening, wich all happened very quickly, but I just need to keep reminding myself that it is a positive change, I have been living in temporary accommodation for the last year, and I got a phone call on Thursday saying there was a flat available for me to view, wich I did yesterday, it will take a lot of work, getting it carpeted, painted and furnished, when I first go in I have no furniture or cooker or fridge and stuff... But I will finally have a place to call home, and make my own, wich I have never had in my life, it's just stressful getting everything organized, I'm to phone them on Monday to say I will take it, then I didn't understand the woman fully if I get the keys on Wednesday or have to have moved in by Wednesday, wich is stressing me out that I didn't understand what she said, so don't know if I will have litteraly a couple if days to move or just one day, also I didn't drive so I need to ask friends if they can take me up and down quite a few times with my stuff...i find change of any sort difficult, so am struggling with all the changes happening at once, but as I say, I just need to keep reminding myself that this is a really good one

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