Bad few months

Hi everyone, The last few months have been a nightmare, my son had to move home as he is 20 with BPD he self harms and tried to take his life, My parents have terminal cancers and my dad is now end of life care, My daughter and I are both bullied by our neighbours and 3 of my siblings also have severe depression, I am on Mirtazepine and my dose has just gone up again and Temazepam occasionally diazepam as I am awaiting an assessment for my medication, reading through people's posts I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who feels like they aren't listened to or believed by their gp I have been so agitated and restless and feel like I'm constantly vibrating due to my anxiety and my hands shake, feeling like a huge burden as I can rarely leave my house and have to be accompanied all the time, roll on the 26th so I get my assessment... although I will be waiting for the offer of group therapy as I'm social phobia or CBT for the agoraphobia, CBT is just a waste of time it hasn't worked before. Hope everyone has a safe and calm day x

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  • so sorry to read that you and so many of your family are suffering. i dont know if i can be of any help to you on health side of your problems..but i would like very much to know more on your neighbour.

    there are laws to protect you from such people, fear is the main reason why they get away with bullying. you can and must stop them.

    stand up to them you have nothing to fear..if not for yourself think of your daughter. you need help, its there..the law is not far from you..please use it.

    keep a record of everything this neighbour says to you..always carry your mobile and you can record on it what they say to you.

    take care of yourself and your family.


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