Fluoxetine (Prozac)


I'm into week 3 of a course of Fluoxetine and for the first 2 weeks didn't really have any side affects from it. I didn't really feel any difference at all but I know that's normal with it taking 4-6 weeks or more to kick in. I had my check up with the doctor after 2 weeks and have to go back in another 2 weeks however since Wednesday I've really struggled with no appetite. I then feel hungry and get a plate of food in front of me and feel so sicky and can't eat it. I've literally been forcing food down my throat. I know loss of appetite is normal but how long does it last? I'm also exhausted but struggle to stay asleep. I really want to give these the best shot I can to try and get my life back but need reassurance that they will soon kick in?

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  • I can only speak from my experience with them. I did not find these meds very helpful .. I took them for about eighteen months .. I sure hope they help you though.

  • I've been on fluoxetine for years and it seems to help. But everybody reacts differently and you need to work closely with your GP to work out what's best for you. If this drug doesn't work well, there are loads more options available.

    Good luck.

  • I would say from experience if these side effects persist to about 6-8 weeks it may be wise to try a different type of tablet. Fluoxetine is an activating type of SSRI. What time of day do you take it? One Gp advised me to take it in the morning as it may give me some zing 😉

    I've never got on with the SSRIs.

    Just monitor how you feel, they could well settle down over the next couple of weeks.

    But bear in mind there are others that may suit you better.

    My mother used sertraline. She tried fluoxetine and it didn't agree with her at all.

    Best wishes 💗

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