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Fluoxetine to Sertraline

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Been switched from Fluoxetine to Sertraline after restarting Fluoxetine and 6 weeks on still having horrendous side affects that didn’t emerge the first time (vomiting at the same time every night, diarrhoea, nausea, weight loss).

A) Anyone else had trouble restarting Fluoxetine after a break? I was fine for 3 years before the break.

B) Having muscle pain/ache in my leg on day 1 of Sertraline. Is this normal?

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I went back to fluoxetine after a few year and did not like it at all !

I am now on sertraline and that s fine. Our physiology does change so it s not uncommon for our body to become intolerant to certain drugs.

However I have not experienced any discomfort on sertraline.

Best to go back to your doctor and try something else .

Thanks! This is comforting to know the body can change and some drugs just simply don’t work the same after a period of time.

I never liked fluoxetine. It was the first medication I was ever on for my depression. It never helped and gave me terrible heartburn. The same thing happened when I restarted it a few years later. Sorry you had a bad reaction. I don’t think I had any side effects from sertraline, but I was pregnant when I started it last year, so it would be hard to differentiate. I hope this one works well for you!

Hi,I think you need at least 7 days on sertraline to feel anything at all and more likely 2 to 3 weeks on average. You can feel bad at first but keep going and after a few days to a few weeks you should come out if the bad and then begin to feel the wonderful benefits, this is how sertraline was for me. Now on max dose for 9 years.

I've recently had to stop my previous anti depressant - Escitalopram, because it stopped working for me. I've been prescribed sertraline but I still haven't taken it as I'm so scared of side effects, but its helpful to see some others are getting on well with it.

I just wanted to say I feel your struggles when it comes to medication and side effects. I'm sensitive to everything! I really hope you feel better soon. Sending hugs x

Thank you so much. Perhaps sertraline will work for us both now, I’ve heard it tends to have less side effects so that’s promising! Hope you manage to get something sorted lovely x

Oh have you!! Maybe I do need to just take the plunge. I just long to feel better! I hope you get on OK xx

For me the side effects of sertraline were quite mild and transient. I was hesitating for a few years though, until I felt bad enough not to care about side effects!

I've taken the plunge and started Sertraline today! Latenightowl we can get through these harder days together ! X

Amazing, that’s the first hurdle over! Let me know how you’re getting on xx

Yicks talk to your Doctor immediately!

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