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Hi there, I searched up the internet for some tips or helpful guide how to support some one suffering from depression and I came across this fourm , read some of the posts and it felt like a lot of people are going through what we are going through.My husband has suffered for years ( on and off) with depression and anxiety but the most recently he s at a point where he has given up on life. Last year he had CBT, wellbeing sessions and meds ( vanaflexin). Now GP has referred him to Mental health home treatment team which so far has been just talk every couple of says with a pair of new nurses.I work full time and have 3 children to look after too as well as caring for my husband. I feel very upset and exhausted mentally and physically but I do believe that this time will pass.

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Hello there Sunnysnow

A very warm welcome to our Community.

I have some information for you to read from The Shaw Mind Foundation.

These are free guides for you to download:

On the following link you will find several other resources which will be very useful to you both:

You have a great deal to cope with right now and I applaud you for doing what you can to keep yourself informed and help support your husband. However, this can be exhausting and sometimes stressful so please do take practise self care.

We're here for you anytime, so please stay in touch for extra support or just to offload!

Warm wishes


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It will pass. Believe me I've been through a few myself. I do hope its soon.

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