Irrational Rage

Hi there,

I'm new to this and a new expectant mother also. I'm 18 weeks and find myself getting waves of anger and rage towards my partner to the point where I ask him to leave but then throw myself at him so he will stay. I get so angry I want to hit my head off of walls and punch myself in the head. I don't want to hurt my baby just myself at these moment. I don't know who to talk to about this because I'd feel mortified explaining it all to a doctor. They'd lock me up and throw away the key I'm sure and I don't want my baby not to have a stable mother.

Any help would be much appreciated...

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  • Hi there mummyturner93

    Welcome to our Community.

    Naturally, your hormones are all over the place but I do think you should see your Doctor asap, he's there to help and you really need someone who has experience so please don't be afraid, he's heard many similar worries before!

    We also have a British Pregnancy Advisory Forum here and suggest you post there as well as make the doctors appointment, the link is here:

    I'm sure you will be very much relieved when you have spoken to both.

    Warm wishes


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