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Hi everyone iam capable of working done level 3 extended diploma in healthcare but need to focus on job around my sleep , is this silly or not ? Be best for me to have work in afternoons or evenings but not 12hours a day they killed me with exhaustion and got very unwell. Only got insomnia from after being depressed. Think care caused it but love the creative side of it. Been advised to look for work around my sleep , any comments of experience with insomnia and work be much appreciated as I'm 21 and need money coming in too and struggling at the moment but getting there 💪🏻


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  • A few things about sleep which is particularly important but sometimes difficult, with depression. Firstly if you are taking ads a change to something which helps sleep would be helpful. You'll have to consult your GP but I believe ,and I certainly find Mitazapine helps. Secondly a hot chocolate drink before bed helps slightly, no caffeine in it unlike tea and coffee and the human body is programmed to shut down and sleep when digesting something. hence the tendency for we older folks to drop off after a meal. There is little risk of a hot milky chocolate drink causing digestion problems.

    I believe if you google say "help with sleep" you'll find other helpful suggestions on the internet. I would have thought healthcare offered shift work giving opportunities of work in the afternoon and evening also.


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