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I'm Depressed and very anxious

Hi I'm 18 and I'm female and recently I have been suffering from frequent panic attacks and I have tried researching different things to help me or that could be the cause of it even helplines but they given much hope or advice and I feel myself become more confused and depressed in life I don't want to commit suicide but I just don't see how I can back to normal and get help. Also I have taken anti depressants but they only make me really tired and don't really lift my spirits.

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Hi shannonfoley98

Welcome to Action on Depression, we're very pleased you've found us. Please read the Community Guidelines on the right hand side of this page under pinned posts while you await replies, many thanks.



I'd suggest you go and see your GP and try and get some CBT. Dealing with ongoing panic attacks on your own is no easy feat, depending on how severe they are. Good luck



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