1st meeting out the way

OMG so so scared going to the meeting all the questions going round in my head what was they going to ask/say took me .a while to climb the stairs to the office but I was OK had a 55 minute chat councillor seems nice she listened most of the time just saying little things now and then I was so surprised at how relaxed i was with her yes there was a lot of tears but she told me it was OK to cry

Mums anniversary is on the 9th of this month really don't want 5o talk to her about mum but I know I have to wish me luck guys I suppose I will have to go through all the deaths 1 by 1 hope I have the strength to do it xxx

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  • Hi it is nerve wracking isn't it? Well done for going. It won't be half as scary next time though. I am thinking of you. Take care. xx

  • Hi Champane

    Well done for making it to your first session, I know it might have felt scary when you didn't know what would happen, & and you may have felt a number of emotions before you got to the building & then getting into the room! But You Did the sessionI! And you got through it!

    You may feeling different emotions whilst you are having counselling, but try not to beat yourself up about different emotions! We all deal with bereavement & grief in different ways! No one way is the same for each person!

    Wishing you 🤗 Hugs Warm thoughts for You & Prayers for you & your next session! Take Care. spykey 🤗🤗🤗

  • It will help. You get to say what you ferl & hear it, too. If you have a good therapist, she'll be kind, understanding, & will explain how hunan emotions & the brain work. Then solutions & therapies will be examined with you. Good luck!

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