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I try Wellbutrin. when to stop?

Hey there,

Im seeing a therapist for 4 years now for depression (i can live a "normal" live mostly so not really a strong one) but didnt want to take any meds up until now. i realized i wont make it without.

I just broke apart yet another relationship by not being fun to be around in any way. Ihad a breakup a little more than a year ago and luckily went straight into another relationship that just lastet about a year.

I also had a change of location and job and kind of a restart and everything is mostly pretty fine. BUT i just can´t appreciate it. I´d rather regret that it wasnt always like that.

* I now take 150mg Wellbutrin for the past three weeks. And if i feel better i can´t really tell if i feel better than before, because things have changed for the better, or because of the meds.

But what i know is that i cry all the time and haven´t cried in the past 10 years or so except for the two breakups. So could you experienced folks tell me whats going on? My doc said if i dont like it i can just stop taking it. But i want to give it a chance.

There you go

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Hello there Lumen

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Hi nice to meet you. It can take up to 6 weeks for a drug to fully enter your system so try and give it a bit longer if you can. If you really feel you can't then go back to your doctor for and ask for a different one.

I had to try mirtazapine and Prozac until I found sertraline which works well for me. Everyone is different and it's often a case of trial and error. x


Thanks thats good to know :-)

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Soo after 25 days of 150mg Wellbutrin I still cant say if theres a difference.

But at some point in the evening before going to bet or when already trying to sleep it gets really bad. I just keep thinking about my ex, and everything starts falling apart. Its like its never gonna work. Wheres my emergency exit?! If you know what i mean. I really cant stop it. It feels like panic building up.

And this feels mostly irrational. I dont know if the breakup is really so hard to cope with or if the Wellbutring is playing games with me. As I said I never cry, didnt cry for the past 10 years. And now cry myself to sleep every night. Wtf? Hope someone has similar experiences to share.


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