I think I am experiencing mania - what should I do?

I've been experiencing a relapse of depression and anxiety over the last few months which has been mainly under control with self-care, support, and CBT. But today I feel strange and like I used to before I was first diagnosed - full of energy and extremely focused, thoughts moving fast, I feel like I'm buzzing with electricity.

Is this a problem? It feels GREAT but in the way like when you're drunk and you know it's not normal and you might pay for it later but don't want it to tend...

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  • Why not just enjoy it?

    You can ask someone else if they think you are behaving strangely and only consider a doctor appointment if your behaviour is causing problems

  • I would say it would only be a problem if it starts effecting your life in regards to living a "Normal" life whatever normal is,it's when it start's effecting your friendships,relationships,and your wallet,then obvious it becomes a bit of an issue,other then that,enjoy the buzz,ride the highest cloud and embrace it for as long as it lasts.

  • Focus on doing something constructive. BPD manic phases an swing toward more risky behaviors. Do, use it, but use it well! Then be sure to see your GP about it, just to be sure.

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