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Depression and anixety


Hiya I'm new to this site hope someone can help me, my depression is through the roof it started at Xmas as we were all I'll with norovirus then it's just got gradually worse my stomach is turning over, I feel sick to the point where I feel as though I'm actually guna b sick I keep feeling as though I'm not got be the same n that I'm falling in a black hole n can't grab onto anything to get bk out, I've got no appetite just constant feeling sick been taking antidepressants for 5 1/2 years but I recently missed taking them for over 2 wks don't know how to get myself out of this situation pls pls can someone help x

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Hi Dianne and welcome, missing your Antidepressants for 2 weeks is not good and you are always told to not stop taking them without your Drs. Advice. Can I ask why you didn't take them? If it was just Xmas.being sick etc. Then get back on them and make sure you always take them. If you need them then you have to take them.

If you still feel terrible after about A few weeks on them, go back to your GP, the antidepressants need a few weeks to kick in, so. You will take a while to feel well.


Hello diannej1 and Welcome to our friendly forum, pleased to have you aboard. Whilst you are awaiting replies, please read the Community Guidelines on the right hand side of the page.


Hi diannej1, I can understand why you quit taking your medication when you couldn't keep it down. However, going off a lot of these meds cold turkey can cause a lot of really bad symptoms. If you're over the virus, then I think you should try resuming your meds. You might find yourself feeling better...I hope so!

Hi Dianne,

You need to develop an action plan that is firstly going to make sure you are physically healthy and then focus on treating the depression.

As you may know, there is no treatment for the Norovirus - you can only:

- Make sure you stay hydrated

- Prevent diarrhea

- Boost your immune system

Let us know if you need any help with these 3 steps.

Start taking your normal meds asap and get into a routine where you are accomplishing tasks (no matter how small) that makes your life or the people you love lives better.

Besides meds, what do you normally do to manage your depression?


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