I'm not Allowed Chocolate Now, For A Spiritual Reason, I've Been Going Months Without It Fine, And then suddenly, I start feeling depressed, low energy, the chores feel overwhelming (haven't done them yet), all I want To Do Is Lay In bed, I feel this awful exhaustion! Then What Comes Next? : I start craving A Chocolate Raspberry Bar (dark chocolate)! Oh no! So What Did I Do? : I Had A St. John's Wort Tea, With Lemon Grass, And Mixed In Some Molasses. The St. John's Wort Cured The Depression For that moment, the lemongrass Replaced The Raspberries, And The Molasses Replaced The Sugar Of The Dark Chocolate. I Was Able To Feed Myself And My Cat, And Take A Bath, Before I Went To Bed, Even Chose Some Clothes That Look Colour-Cordinated. It's not very powerful, One Teabag Of St. John's Wort Mixed With Lemongrass, But It Kept Me Out Of Bed That Little Bit Longer.

I must Add, I'm not on any anti-depressant Medication, just an antipsychotic, Olanzapine (constipates, puts on weight, makes me need ideally 12 hours of sleep to feel awake, and blurs My Vision if I haven't slept enough or makes me go cross-eyed.) ... 300 mg a month.


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  • I do not know your Faith and the negativity you have against Chocolate. I do however know there is less the drug if any in White chocolate. I understand Aldi sells a White Chocolate Bar with Strawberry bits in it. I understand we cannot feed dogs any type of brown chocolate, although they can eat the White stuff on occasions in small amounts. That may be a way out for you.

    If you need Seretonin, your GP can prescribe something that will help you. Talk with Him after Christmas as I do not know what is in your medication.


  • I've Been Getting By For Months Without Any Chocolate. It's Okay For Other People, I'm Just Giving It Up For A Time, But I'm Not Allowed To Think About It, Or The Time Gets Longer, By Months. That's All, Including White Chocolate. I thought about it yesterday, And noticed I was more dyslexic than usual. I've gotta fight this one demon that makes dislexes that aren't normal, they sound evil, especially when I'm half-asleep, Praying, Because if I forget Who I Am In Jesus Christ and get weak, I've been hassled by demons and invisible forces of evil, mind You, I could see them when I was dreaming, and they would torture me, and I could feel pain, that I never remembering have felt in real life! Don't worry, I just thought other People Might Be On Diets That Restricted Chocolate, as it puts on weight, but You're Right, A Piece Or Two, Every Now And Then Does No Harm And Some Good, If You Think You Need It. I found I Used To Only Get Supplied Free Dark Chocolate, About Two Pieces Every Month, I Felt Alright Then. I Prayed Over Some St. John's Wort. Two Tea Bags, Reused Three Times Or Such, At Least, Stayed Up Longer... I've Been Up Nearly 11 Hours, Fasting Nearly 9 Of Them, Consecutively. I Started On Some Projects, Writing In Journals, Praying For My Friend, Doing Other Rituals, Etc. Listening To Music And Audio Bible. And Here It Is, Nearly 5 In The Morning. I Love The Holidays. I'm on olanzapine, it's a drug used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar. They even gave Me A List of all the ingredients, And they explained that all the ingredients were of non-animal origin. Because I told Them I'm vegan. But sadly, I lost That list. Have a Nice Day, And I Hope You've Had A Nice Christmas.

  • I'm not allowed chocolate for medical reasons and when I was told all I noticed for weeks was chocolate , then my medication was increased and my kidneys refused alcohol I can still taste soft red wine just by looking at it...... I think you are doing excellent !