Not to good tonight

Having a massive dip tonight, just imagine seeing a rollercoaster going down a vertical track, that's my mood tnite. I'm going through pictures of me and kids, and me and ex and totally blanking my face out s its just them in them in the pics, I dnt recognise myself anymore I haven't for a long time so if theres a pic of me, I'm wiping it out, same goes for looking in a mirror, I look down to my chest because if Iook at my face I dnt see me I see "something" but not me.

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Hi Phil maybe it's better to avoid looking at Photographs when you feel like this. TRy and do something active, even if it's something like tidying or sorting stufff out. Looking at photos can be too emotional when your down, so try and do something else, also don't worry too much about it, as our mind can play tricks on us.

What your describing could be an anxiety type reaction, but try not to ruminate. As it makes you worse. CHange things and do something active.

I'm sure you will feel better soon.

Sorry I'm only seeing this now, and I realise it's a bit late.



If you are feeling this way you seem to need help.

hone your GP and make an appointment to see Him soon, explain your concerns.

Are you in the UK ??

If you are in the UK you can call the NHS HELPLINE on Tel 111 and explain your situation.

They will triage and advise.



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