When does grief become depression?

Hi everyone!

So I've had depression and anxiety before and I guess have kind of been recovered for 2 years roughly (since I came off antidepressants).

I broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago. It was pretty messy and it seems really pathetic but I'm struggling to come to terms with it. I struggle to get up in the mornings, I can't concentrate at university, and sometimes I feel sick with anxiety. Plus I feel sad all the time, sometimes uncontrollably at random times, like in a lecture or something. And although I know I need to do work and I need to get up I kind of just don't feel like I can be bothered.

I haven't had any of these problems really since I came off antidepressants. I'm worried about it affecting my work, as I was forced to drop out of university last time because of it. And I guess I'm also worried about leaving it too long to get help like I did before and getting to a scary point. But is this just a normal grieving process?

Thanks in advance x


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3 Replies

  • If it's getting worse after a month and affecting your university the probably worth did with your doctor.

  • Ok thank you

  • Hi it's very hard doing a Uni degree. I know I was very much the same when I was doing mine back in the 80's. There was the odd occasion I just took myself off for the day instead of going in, or getting so hacked off I concentrated on having fun instead of working. I did manage to get it in the end and got a 2/2. I was capable of getting a higher grade but was happy just to pass in the end.

    You have also the break up with your bf to contend with as well. This is not easy and you need to give yourself a chance to recover a bit and grieve. Try allotting certain times of the day to remember and get your feelings out. Then put another time of the day to do your college work. This will give you a structure and might help. x

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