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Evening everyone.

I've started a blog. It's a mixture of just everything what's happening with me including my depression and borderline personality disorder.

I've had a few people thank me for doing this I've given them a voice to speak out about what's going on, I've given them the confidence to go and seek help. I've also helped people I know and others understand how depression/BPD impacts you.

A big piece for me was a self harm post I've done

I'll paste the link so you could check it out if you guys want.


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Thank you TL. Will check it out x

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I'll be taking a look as well. Thanks for sharing the link.


I read it TL. It was quite inspiring. What you say about wanting recovery is very, very true x


Hey. I also have BPD and depression and some of what you say is exactly what I experience/ have experienced emotionally/ relationships wise. The blog is good, keep going!


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