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I will get better, I know it and I know it because it's what I want. I just need to work hard on myself. Keep 'busy' it's my mantra.

Personally I love chanllenges. This is the reason why when I fell settled I'm filled with anxietes. Some of them are just figments of my imaginantion and some of them are tangible, yet very to happen such as attacts, after all I live in one of the busiest capitals in Europe .

I need to find a job not just to provide for my familly but also to feel happy and more at ease with myself.

I will be better! Although I'm still slightly paranoid...

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Definitely agree it's important to keep yourself busy, physically and mentally.

Sounds like you have a really positive attitude towards how you're feeling - and you're right, can't beat a good challenge (well, hopefully you can... probably the wrong turn of phrase to use there).

I have no doubt you can do it! :)


When you've been down and I went a long way down into the "dark hole" it does without thinking about it make you feel a bit paranoid, I had thoughts that everyone was talking about me amongst my work colleagues.

They where but only out of concern, my work performance became worse as my anxiety increased. As they say your the last to know !

Once I reached crisis point where I couldn't manage anymore and burst into tears it was right, I need help, wish I had realised and seemed it earlier.

2 months on, I have adopted guided meditation it's like learning to relax again.

I attend a wellness clinic each month for a mental download

I mentally feel clearer in thought and actions and can concentrate far better.

Meditation has been the biggest plus I now feel the benefit of sleep

But always ensure I get up, eat properly and maintain a proper sleep pattern, which I now have learned is one of the main contributors of feeling better.

I stayed away from prosaic which was prescribed to me, it's a personal thing but I didn't want to feel numbed.

Trying to look up not back down into that hole :-)

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Thank you for your replay. It will deffently help me to get better.

Already today I could enjoy for a few minutes a bird sitting on the tree. It mead me feel better person. I was simply sitting in the park and enjoying life around me, not only people but also birds and other animals like dogs or cats.

For the first time in my life I could enjoy the view of pollen spreading into the air. It was pure joy.

We can find beauty if we look hard.


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