Am i going through depression???

I'm new to this website but there seems to be good advice here... My life recently got quite bad, i have moved cities believing my life would get better but instead it feels to be getting harder... I haven't managed to make any friends whereas it was so easy for me before, i have not motivation to go out anywhere and lost all my interest in everything, i sleep pretty much all day and stay up till early hours in the morning, i eat about once a day, recently i started being very emotional , for no reason sometimes... i just keep feeling very lonely and sad, hardly moving out my bed, havent been showering or looking after myself properly, i just feel beat down and useless. Could they be signs of depression?

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  • It does sound like depression but only a doctor can diagnose you. Why not Google online depression tests as these will give you a guide. There are loads on the net. x

  • Hi Vix148, Just moving to another city can be very stressful. Plus you probably changed jobs? Now you're around all new people. It's all difficult when added up. Why don't you give it some time before worrying too much about making new friends? Just give it time. You may need to ask a work mate out to share a meal. Sinking yourself into depression is too easy and too hard to climb out of.

    Coughalot2 makes a good point. You need to see someone about diagnosis and see where to go from there. Take care of yourself. Keep writing into us. There's help, you just need to find it. Nesie 237

  • Hi there Vix148

    Welcome to Action an Depression, we're glad you have found us.


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