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Scared im going to forget who I am


I woke and I feel super super foggy. I dont really have a sense of self. I feel emotionally disconnected too

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Do u take meds n could they be the reason for how u feel?

Lindsey14 in reply to hippolove1

I don't take any rn

hippolove1 in reply to Lindsey14

I have a med condition that makes me like the way ur mentioning.I usually try to distract my brain elsewhere when im foggy.Tv n music helps even if im not totally with it.

Hi Lindsey what’s rn ?

Short for Right now

You most probably feel emotionally disconnected and don’t have a sense of self because your brain is so foggy.the brain will slow or shut emotions etc down and will just run your basic bodily functions.yes I can be meds.also it can be where you’ve been over loaded and the brain says let’s have a rest.look I would just relax chill and go with it.the more you go with it and don’t stress about what yu can’t feel you will recover more quickly.

It’s just a way of your body recovering and saying to you it’s had enough.

If you have nothing to do that’s important and it’s raining open the window lean on the frame and just listen to the rain.its very powerful.smell the rain.

Rain has the most grounding effect on a body as we are 75% water any way.

I dare you to have a go.just sit and be quiet yu will soon recover

All the best good luck you will be ok 😙😙😙😙

Thank you!!

Hello Lindsey

I have the same problem although yes I have problems with Depression and not able to concentrate I also Have Problems with my Short Term Memory so I am suffering a double problem that is not getting better. I am now unable to relate to year date and time

In fact I may need to have some time of my sites as over the last six months I am becoming frightened of the problem. I am having problems now in protecting my own corner and I cannot get myself away from feeling very unsettled and frightened


Hi bob

I feel for you.

I’ve got to the situation where I can’t remember if I’ve actually washed my self in the shower and have to do it all Over again just to make sure.

Makin some one a cuppa tea and by the time I get to the kitchen the thought has gone

Omg it’s a bloody frightening series of episodes.

I’ve got diagnosed adhd so yer concentration can be difficult but my psychiatrist has said that’s just adhd giving me short term memory loss.its been a hell of a lot comes in spits and spurts.

They say adhd turns in to dementia 75% of the time.

I just can’t afford to look forward as I think I’ll turn in to a mad mess worrying what may or may not be you know.

I’m trying to look in to training my brain in to somet stronger.

After all you go to the gym and you lift weights And your muscles get bigger ?

You exercise your brain,it’s a muscle and gets stronger.

It’s trying to find what to use I guess but I’m sure it must be doable

Hello fidgity

I picked up menigitis many years ago in Morocco and that really jiggered my memory.

Ten years ago my memory became worse and they put it down to Chronic Short Term Memory Disorder. They checked the brain and found some small veins in my brain and everything went pear shaped, the last scan showed I will most probably not suffer Dementia etc, so I have been managing quite well. Terribly absent minded and now my long term memory is getting worse, however now anything over twenty years has really gone, that is why we built up a picture library of the places we visited in the past

Every now and again I worry and think if I need to stop on these sites although I suppose I will try and stay a bit longer, However it is taking longer and longer to reply here. Sometimes I cannot remember what I have written the day before.

Having some concerns I could do without at this time and I am suffering the old Anxiety that I can normally control. It is a devil when we get older, Will be seventy in two months


Hi Bob

I’m ever so sorry,I didn’t know the full story.

More of a call out from you rather then an answer

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