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Lots of Free Online Help for Mental Health Conditions

I found out from a GP the other day that Northumbria apparently has the best Mental Health resources online. I had a look and he's right. These resources are amazing and are available in all formats (written, hardcopy if you pay, audio, video).

Click on the link to see more:

Also, in the top right-hand corner where it says 'more options', there are audio guides for relaxation techniques.

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That's such good news and thank goodness for the helpful Drs.

I'm so pleased you've got one.

I suffer from depression and I think my eldest daughter has started too as well. I am going to click on the link and see if it can help.

Thank you very much for posting this info, much appreciated!

Take care and best wishes.


Thank you for the tip. What a wonderful website they have . I'm not a native of the North although I live in Scotland now but I find it amazing that a sparsely populated area such as Northumbria can provide what appears to be a first class resource for those with mental problems.

Almost equally amazing is that the only motorway services in Britain that are halfway decent are Tebay services in Cumbria (M6 northbound) , and I would give second prize to Killington Lakes (southbound M6) in the same area .

Although I only suffer from one of the problems they have booklets on I have bought seven of the booklets to see how helpful I think they would be to some of the users of this forum. If they turn out to be half as good as I expect then someone in Northumbria deserves some civil recognition instead of the usual numpties who figure in the honours lists.



Hi Olderal,

I'm glad you've found them to be useful. I think you can also download free versions as booklets which means it is truly available for everyone, for a change. I think that some of the makers of the booklets have already been awarded with recognition as I saw that one of them (not sure which) one the BMA (British Medical Association) prize for outstanding service and information

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