Hey! I hope everyone's okay? I haven't posted in about a month so just here to catch up and give updates.

I was hospitalised few weeks ago. I'm drinking every day, I wake up and the first thing I want is a drink. I've been doing drugs too. The escape is amazing bit only temporarily.

I'm soon joining a DBT group for BPD. Apparently somewhere along the lines from last 12 months I've lost how to "deal" with it basically.


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6 Replies

  • Hi, I'm so sorry to hear your in a bad way (if that's the right thing to say) I hope you get the help you need and see the sunshine again. I'm sure someone on here will answer soon. I just wanted to let you know someone read your post at this unearthly hour and wishes you well and your not alone. Take care, hugs 🤗 X

  • Nice post there from Robbie and I have to admit with Goldfish that limiting these poisons would indeed be helpful. A clear mind is far much better in the long run. I speak this from experience. I once used alcohol as a crutch and it is not good. It makes matters worse. I have also used cannabis and that was not good either .. And legal highs .. I know now all stuff like that is detrimental to our existing mental health problems. It opens more cans of worms .. Hope you get on the road to sobriety soon.

  • Hi there and good to hear from you, but you really need to stop that destructive behaviour of drink and drugs, give yourself a chance and Goldish has given you great advice. Get along to your nearest A.A. Or N.A. As acing so self destructively is

    A recipe for disaster.

    You have a choice to change and try and start to make good decisions for yourself and I'm sure then you will make progress.


  • Hi, sorry to hear of your troubles but well done for committing to the group. I'm no expert on BPD but I like the musician Devin Townsend very much and he's a sufferer. He cut out all the poisons some time ago and says that it's helped greatly. Life is less exciting but also less horrible, with the highs and lows less extreme. I quit smoking some time ago and it was easy when I was ready, impossible when I wasn't. I hope you get to your ready place soon.

  • Hello Lawren.If BPD stands for bipolar depression you are not escaping anything by drinking and using recreational drugs. You're just making sure the bars nestle a little closer around you every time you use them.

    Alcohol and drugs of the non-medicinal kind are big trouble potentially for anyone suffering from depression as I'm sure you know. I'm sure you have pressures leading you to drink and use drugs and they will lead to yet more pressure.

    Sorry to sound critical but it would n''t be doing you any favours to say anything else.

    You must get some help as suggested in other replies, but anyone offering help will be wasting their effort unless you also make some effort. Pills ,therapy,counselling and everything else can't help if you are determined to press the self destruct button.

    What else can I say ? I usually like to try and write helpful replies but its so difficult when someone seems to be determined to deliberately undermine their own well being.

    Its never too late though.


  • Hey, just thought id pop in my 2 cents. Bpd is not bipolar it is borderline personality disorder, the two work very differently. Impulsive and self destructive tendencies are very common with bpd.

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