Censorship required?

I'm a bit confused why censorship is required on this site, and why, when someone is suffering from chronic depression, they advised to keep their posts positive and encouraging?

There's nothing pretty about depression, it's nasty and the blood and guts of it should be examined, not airbrushed.

I've had a bad bout of it, and I think I'm coming through it now, it's a roller coaster ride that never ends - it seems.

But now I know here's not the place to spill your guts, is it?

Swallow your pills and thank Nurse Ratchett.

I love the people that simply reach out and say a few words of encouragement, not criticism.

That's all that's required really.

I've had some interesting reading, about the emotional and fearful reaction to pain, and how back pain ( my personal demon) and depression walk hand in hand, feeding off each other.

Heal the depression and apparently the back pain will improve !

I think I must be a bit of a rebel, because I don't want to take chemicals forever, knowing in the long run that the side effects are causing permanent damage to my organs and my brain.

Big Pharma gets richer, and you're just another battery hen.

I know you have to be awake to understand this.. And ignorance is bliss.

I'm not saying people should not take their medicines, I'm saying that healthy eating, excercise and stress management seems to be the only way forward.

Yes, I know you don't need people like me drinking tea in your your manicured gardens, all non conformists to the garage please.

I'm far from cured, but I'm real and honest and care.

My life is a classroom, and as long as can I'm going to fight this.

My wish for all my fellow sufferers is that you do to.


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2 Replies

  • Hi. Am not sure what you mean, I don't feel there is Censorship here, and I have been here a few years. The only thing is not to discuss politics as this can cause rows etc, but I think avoiding discussing Religion or politics is best as some people go too far and cannot agree and it gets out of hand.

    It's all written in the HU Group Guidelines and I think most Groups are like this

    Otherwise there would be war.

    Personally I feel free to say whatever is on my mind here,


  • Hi hannah i hope your keeping well not heard from you for a wee well ! Ive not being to bad just the usual depression got the hospital on wed Getting a blood test im not looking forward to it as it involves blood taken then a injection then another blood test i phoned the hospital and they said i had nothing to worry about do why am i so uptight be glad when its done ! Take care david !