Reasonable Adjustments

I could do with a bit of practical help for a meeting with my Landlord, (Rent Arrears). Does anyone know what "reasonable adjustments" should be made for people suffering from anxiety and depression. Dealing with my Landlord makes me anxious, and afterwards I fall back into depression. I know the law says we are disabled because of our anxiety and depression, and I know the law says "reasonable adjustments" must be made. But what would these be for a meeting with his representatives?

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  • Hello Blueshirt,

    I don't know the answer myself but I do know who will inform you if you don't receive any other replies. The following are excellent when it comes to the ins and outs of the benefit system.

    Citizens Advice Direct

    Free call within UK 0808 800 9060

    Mon-Fri 9am-8pm; Sat 10am-2pm


  • Hi I am not sure you can expect reasonable adjustments with landlords if he is a private individual. It might be different with a council or housing association property. Or in a job etc.

    You can try to ask for more time to pay the arrears on the basis of your illness but I wouldn't think he has to agree with this as he just wants his rent, and that's fair enough. I do know that he has to give you 2 months notice and you can apply for extra time if you do need to move out.

    You best bet is probably to ask for a free half hour with a solicitor (many of them do this) to find out your rights. x

  • Many thanks. It's a Housing Association

  • Oh in that case it might well be different. x

  • Sorry I have no idea, all I can advise is that you go and see CAB and they may assist.

    Also try the Housing department as they may be able to have some sway

    The Estate Agency or the company who are acting as agents may be able to help

    Last of course is go to see a solicitor for that free hour of advice.

    He will need to issue a section 21 I think and that will give you a date of eviction. two months in advance. I do not know regards Housing Associations, I would think they will be on the ball when it comes to rent arrears, sorry.

    Good Luck


  • Hi Blueshirt

    I am with a housing association too & have physical & mental disabilities!

    If you are nervous about meeting with you landlord, you are right reasonable adjustments can be made for those with disabilities & that includes mental health. However, if you have a CPN or a support worker you could ask them to go with you as an advocate so you don't have to go alone, or they may be able to advise you how to get an advocate, an advocate is someone who is there to support you & is on your side!

    As its to do with rent arrears you might like to check out>media>premises pg9 which is about discrimination & premises. However, the whole document may be useful for you!

    I agree with the others too, though as the solicitor free 1/2 hour could be useful too, as well as CAB who may be able to support & may also be able to advise you about an how to get an advocate or some other help to support! I can't imagine you want to move or go through this on your own, I have not found dealing with regular every day things with my housing association, I get anxious & feel really stressed. You don't have to go through this alone, and you should be able to get some support. But don't leave it too close to the date of your meeting, so you have some support in place well before your meeting so you know you have someone on your side!

    Good Luck with it all. spykey