Paranoia is nothing more than an extreme form of rationalization. When a person is under constant attack and anxious, being threatened for being gay, for being black, that person starts to suspect everyone and everything as “hurting” them. The "teabag movement" in the United States is a postcard expression of paranoia (fueled by rationalization)—they are threatened by a black president, socialism, femo-nazis, etc. As Stanton Peele wrote “Something beyond our control will cause us harm” and “Paranoia has a way of feeding off itself - leading people to act in ways that support the paranoid delusions that assail them.” A nervous breakdown may be nothing more than a failure of the brain to rationalize. A forcing of answers—yet a failure to find answers to the problems plaguing them… “paranoia includes the idea that the bad things are due to a single, identifiable source. This force could be a religion, a person or a group of people, a political ideology, or an agency or organization. Paranoia is generally a delusional state.” Hallucinations and delusions are the black hole of rationalization. It's immense gravity requires tranquilizers to stop it. When you’re not certain about something, when something is vague and unclear, do not rationalize. Do not assume. Relax and accept you don’t have an answer. In fact, assume most people support you. Even if they're not vocal. It's probably the truth. ;)

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8 Replies

  • Truly you have nothing original to say. This has all been hashed over before by many college freshmen wanting to stir the pot and appear intellectual . What does this rant have to do with a forum on depression? Find yourself a soap box.

  • Vintage, you're so optimistic and happy!

  • This is a forum for depression, I don't have to be happy, Dude.

  • Vintage, I know there's kindness and warmth in your heart. Let it shine through!! ;)

  • Okay, you caught me in a weak moment'

  • Hi

    I agree with Vintage! How is this supposed to help those with depression? I had a breakdown & telling me it was nothing but my brain not being able to rationalise, is Really NOT Helpful for me (I'm still recovering from my breakdown years later!) & belittling some of the other medical conditions mentioned, some of these conditions I have too!

    Please do not ask me to be optimistic & happy & that there must be a warmth inside me! Or that I need to lighten up!

    I don't find the post helpful & to belittle serious medical conditions I find offensive!


  • I find that attitude so insulting, so revolting , and the implication is that you can control this disease and you're choosing to be depressed. For me the beauty of this forum is the members who I feel safe with, understood, and taken seriously. If the administration doesn't understand that, they should step down because they are doing more harm than good.I'm so glad you responded to me as I was feeling a little alone, Pam

  • Hi Pam

    No problem, I wish I did have control of my mental & physical health I wouldn't be on the site cos I wouldn't need it! I have accepted my health problems as my lot at the moment, but I believe things can change & hope for all of us that they do! Til then we need to stick together & support each other the way that the site members do!

    Take Care Pam

    Feel free to pm me anytime.