Hello everyone, it's VM trying to cope with my wondering husband. It's been a rough couple of weeks. No decisions made, but I have talked things over with two of my Doctors who couldn't have been more supportive. Their advice along with all of you wonderful caring people's wisdom has given me some direction and strength of purpose. I will survive this whatever decision I come to. I'm feeling pretty sassy right now which means I'll probably land on my bum soon. Luv to all, Pam


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8 Replies

  • Hi Pam I am glad you are feeling more positive and even if you land on your bum it doesn't take away from this does it? Lovely picture by the way.

    I hope you make the right decisions for you, let us know. I am here for you as always love. x

  • Hi Pam,

    That's great that your Drs. We're so supportive. You look great and you have to

    Make the decision that's best for you, dont be swayed by revenge, and you have your integrity which your husband has lost.

    Thanks for letting us know how you are, and look after yourself.


  • Hey sassy lady !!!!

    We have padding on ours bums if we fall dont worry

  • So true. I guess every negative has a positive .

  • Its not always easy to find honey :)

  • Hello I was wondering about you.

  • I'm wondering about me too.Some days I'm in denial and some days I'm sad and angry. I plan on going for counseling to help me cope and to figure out what I want to do. I would like an immediate solution, but I think it's going to take time. I do worry about how this will affect my health.

    Thank you so much for asking,Pam

  • Glad you've got supportive doctors and good for you getting into counseling. Good luck!

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