sent home from work etc

Felt that things have not been good. LApparently staff morale is bad, lots of people looking for new jobs etc. Getting more tearful at work. Got sent home again yesterday crying. Luckily only happens about once a month. Went to doctors before and asked to change meds, said no again, too much bother changing. Also got cfs.

There are some unpleasant women at work. I used to be fairly friendly with one. She started calling people names like c***t. She drove me mad in the end and after pushing me emotionally I took her in a room and said what I was not happy with. Then slowly she went funny on me. I have twice tried to talk to her about it to her.

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  • I'm sorry I can't relate, but I hope things get better.

  • It's horrible when you encounter people like that, unfortunately they're everywhere. Remember you need to be your first priority. If problem escalates could it be worth speaking to someone in your HR department?

  • All I can suggest depending on the situation you found yourself in, try and forget it.

    You are on medications and I can see why your GP has refused new tablets. Give yourself a break do your job, that is what you are there to do. Some CBT may be a possibility although do you feel that time would be wasted as all should calm down given time.

    The other thing is change your job, although I feel certain person would welcome that ???


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